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Precious Friend

Looking into your eyes
I knew,
You could feel the pain
gripping my heart.
Touched by the agony
Tearing me apart,
You assured me
that I was not a burden,
and wept with me.

You tried desparately
to loosen the pain and suffering
exhaustion would not let it be.
The lacerations were too deep,
your own heart could not sleep.

When we met again
we barely spoke.
Leaning against each other
our spirits dissolved
into shared pain and sorrow.

You gave me love,
affectionate embraces,
leaving roses in my heart.
Each time I see you,
Precious Friend
I am strengthened.
Know you endure with me.
Gracefully, without request, quietly.

Come Precious Friend,
we are the same,
never forgetting
each person lost.

We will keep alive forever,
the memory, the life in every name.
Passing through painful years,
we will pause to pray,
Precious Friend,
and hold each other's tears.
Written by
James' father Patrick Cartier

We Remember James...

Our Hero

On September 11th, 2001 James Marcel Cartier was taken from us.
By Gods grace he has finally come home.

Dear Friends,

We would like to take a moment to thank you all for all the messages of love
and support that you have sent to us and to our precious James.
It fills our hearts with such pride to read the beautiful
memories and messages of support and prayer.
Our James was a very special young man..he always was..even
as a youngster James just filled your heart with love.
There are no words that can describe just how much we miss him.
The void that has been left behind us is unspeakable.
But, we know that he is our angel..and that he is with us
guiding and helping us to find our way.
It is the presence of wonderful people like all of you that
have given us the hope and strength to carry on his name.
Your prayers, your support and the wonderful stories that
you have shared with us about our James fill our hearts with love.
It means so much to know that he is loved and remembered by so many.

May God Bless James and all our loved ones taken from us on September 11th.

The Cartier Family


James Cartier
South Tower 105th Floor
Finally Coming Home
"...I went down unto the countries, to the countries buried beneath the earth, walked among the people of the past and I was lost, yet I heard your voice and you lifted me from the pit."

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