James Marcel
My Son    Living memories
Sweep across long years
Like a tidal wave
Revealing you did not
Perish on that hate filled
Day. You are there in a
Heart of absolute love.
My Son    Blossoms renew so many
Tender moments - holding you
In my arms only days
After you were born
My Son    I can still see you
On the first day you
Rode the motorcycle
Was I worried - you bet
My Son    Your beautiful smile
Is always with me
As you mend my
Broken heart
My Son    There will never be
Forgiving those who hurt you
In such a terrible way
Their reward will be the eternal
Lives of hell
My Son    My spirit will never repair
Until I see the joy of you
Smiling and happy
In God's love
My Son    To rest now and remember
The love you gave to all of us
We all miss you and prayerfully wait
To be together again
My Son   
In my love you live forever
As love can never die...
My son

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